The Complete Guide to Stretch Marks: From Prevention to Treatment

Stretch marks are a natural condition most of us experience due to a sudden stretch and shrink in our skin. We often notice them on our abdomen, hips, breasts, buttocks, or calves. While stretch marks are not contagious, harmful, or even painful, these scars make our skin look unhealthy and uneven. To get rid of them, you don’t need to get any expensive treatments done or try any of your granny's recipes. All you need is an effective stretch mark cream that helps restore and revitalise your skin. To understand how a stretch mark removal cream can help you, let’s dive deeper into what stretch marks are and how to eliminate them.

What causes stretch marks?

A stretch mark is caused when our skin is temporarily stretched but later shrinks back. These fluctuations cause our skin-building collagen and elastin proteins to rupture. When the skin starts to heal itself, these ruptures appear in the form of stretch marks. Not everyone experiences these pinkish lines on their skin. Only those who've shed some pounds from specific body parts get to witness them. The appearance of stretch marks may vary from person to person. Some people tend to have fine lines with a lighter skin tone, while others may have huge patch-like marks.

Can stretch marks be prevented?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. You cannot prevent stretch marks from developing on your skin. Since stretch marks are naturally just scars, there's not much you can do to stop them other than controlling a significant weight gain or weight loss. Researchers have also looked into various home remedies that could help prevent stretch marks from happening but couldn't find any luck. While there isn't any proven way to prevent stretch marks, there are clinically proven, and safe stretch marks creams available like the Phade Stretch Marks Lotion that can help reduce the appearance of these scars.

How can you make stretch marks less noticeable?

If you've tried several home remedies, oils, and creams and finally gave up on them all, it's time to make some informed choices. While home remedies can help improve skin texture, they won't do much for your stretch marks. You need an effective blend of toning and rejuvenating ingredients like cica, rosehip oil, vitamin E, olive oil, sweet almond oil & avocado oil. These ingredients not only help heal the skin but also leave you feeling smooth and supple. You can find all of these ingredients in Phade's effective stretch mark cream for pregnancy.

As mentioned earlier, having stretch marks isn’t a serious condition that requires medical attention. It is often seen in pregnant women, growing children, and people on a weight loss routine. Stretch marks can be easily eliminated by applying an effective cream regularly. However, if you tend to notice stretch marks without any significant changes in your weight, it is best to speak to a doctor in case of any underlying health issues.